A Chasing

February 8, 2011 at 8:41 pm (Words for the Great and Small) (, , , , , , )

Before introducing this new poem I would like to explain the project that it goes along with. I am writing a series of children-ish type poems for a DnD campaign I am playing. Yes, I know that is beyond uber-nerdy, but my character needed them so I was inclined to write them. Bear with me since these are almost all first drafts and not incredibly well edited.

Green grass for summer and red leaves for fall

White snow in winter and blue water in spring

Come catch me children, come find me one and all

I am present wherever the wind makes earth sing

The days grow long and the sun is above

Then shorter they’ll be and the moon will shine bright

Chase me my darling, oh follow me love

Where the seas toss and turn I am there in my might

Kind breezes for play times and cold chills for sick

Warm air fine for romping and iced air fun for hiding

Come follow me and play with me, come now be quick

I’ll never be far when the seasons are colliding

Run now with me in the air warm and free

I am there with thee wherever the wind may be


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